Best USB Microphones for Personal Use

While it may seem easy to record from the best usb microphones into your computer, in reality, it was only made easy in the last few years by the rise of USB microphones. Before USB microphones, you would need to buy an expensive audio interface to record decent quality sound. Nowadays, you can just purchase a USB microphone that will connect directly to your computer’s USB port, making recording a snap. Whether you want to record podcasts, music, video, or simply use it to Skype, there are plenty of quality models on the market, and these are the best USB microphones.

If you are on the lookout for real quality, the two models to begin your search with are MXL’s USB.009 Condenser Microphone and Audio Technica’s AT2020USB Condenser USB Microphone. The MXL offers incredible sound quality that wasn’t previously seen in the USB microphone field, thanks to its ability to record at 24 bits and 95 kHz. Most microphones top out at 16 bits and 44.1 kHz, and you can really hear the difference that extra capability gets you. The Audio Technica model also offers professional-grade quality and design, as well as low self-noise and fantastic condenser technology. Both models can be plugged directly into your laptop or home computer and are unbelievably easy to set up and use. Both vary in price depending on what store you go to, but the former is listed at $600 (but is often available for a lot less) and the latter is listed at about $250.

While the quality of the aforementioned pair is undoubted, not everyone is going to need such high sound quality. If you are using the microphone for recreational podcasting, Skype, or other non-professional recordings, you probably won’t want to spend the extra money for the extra sound quality. For those folks, the MXL 990-USB USB Powered Condenser Microphone and the Nady USB-1CMS USB Condenser Microphone with Sony Acid Music Studio are excellent alternatives.

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