The full process of coffee

The Full Process of Coffee

Before getting started, let me ask you a question, if you love to drink coffee so much, then do you enjoy the making process of coffee?

First is definitely about the harvest. Each and every coffee tree will need around 1 to 2 months for them to be fully develop and grow. Do you know it requires more than five years of time to harvest a mature coffee bean?

After that will be picking the mature coffee bean. Usually each batch of coffee bean will have around 40 pounds of mature coffee bean that are able to be collected.

So don’t waste every single piece of coffee bean, it takes five years’ time to fully mature. Although it can be collected such a huge amount of coffee bean, but before this we have to know that it required more than five years of time to fully develop from a seed, to become a mature coffee bean.

Wait, it is not finished yet, after collecting the coffee bean, it needed to be sorted out, making sure the coffee bean is mature, not in a “premature” stage. One of the most important steps, it makes a big difference if the coffee bean does not sort out carefully.

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Moving on to the process, coffee beans will be shifting and expose to the sun to dry them. This is to remove the parchment of the coffee bean’s skin.

After dry, now move on to wet. If the coffee bean floats, it means it was defective and must be rejected immediately.

After that, let the coffee dry and polish them by removing the coffee bean’s skin (it sounds like so many removing skin steps).

So, this is basically making process from a seed to a mature coffee bean.

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