Turtle Diet – What Kinds of Food Do Turtles Eat?

A decent turtle diet is the base of having a solid pet turtle. The turtle can not get the food itself and it depends on you to give all that it needs.

The turtle diet changes with age of the pet. While the turtle is youthful it eats more proteins and as it develops it changes its inclination and starts eating more vegetables.

Turtle diet needs to comprise of the accompanying foods:

  • commercial food
  • various meats and live prey
  • oceanic plants
  • verdant greens and vegetables

It additionally needs to incorporate a few enhancements.

commercial food

You can discover a wide range of commercial foods in pet shops. They are typically made with all the nutritive needs a turtle has. Some of them are high in protein and they are excellent for a turtle diet. They are particularly useful for youthful turtles. commercial food likewise has a high measure of proteins and minerals which is significant for a decent eating regimen.

One thing to take in consideration with regards to commercial turtle food is that it can not be the main food you will provide for your pet turtle.


A few people feed turtles with crude meat however we don’t suggest that. To take care of your turtle appropriately you can take care of it with cooked chicken meat or lean hamburger.

What’s more, here is a significant hint – don’t take care of turtles with feline or canine food, that is certainly not something worth being thankful for to take care of them with.

Live prey

Turtles can be taken care of with live prey and it ought to be a piece of their eating regimen. You should purchase little fishes in a pet shop and put them in the tank. The turtle will chase them down and eat them. You can likewise take care of them with nightcrawlers, blood worms, silkworms and amphibian snails. Every one of them can be purchased from raisers. Try not to get any creatures in the yard and feed them to the turtle since they can contain parasites.

Amphibian plants

Turtles like frog-bit, water lettuce and duckweed. Get some in the pet shop and put them in the tank. They will be gone quick.

Verdant greens and vegetables

A decent and adjusted turtle diet must incorporate verdant greens and vegetables. Turtles can eat cabbage, lettuce (romaine), carrots, collard greens, green beans, mustard greens, clover, horse feed and squash.

To make a turtle diet truly adjusted and complete turtles ought to be given some calcium and nutrient D. Pellets have these fixings so they are a decent wellspring of it. New greens and vegetables as well. Likewise, you can include nutrient drops into the water.

There you go, you have a total rundown of what a decent turtle diet contains so now it is dependent upon you to feel every one of those delectable things to your turtle.

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